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Cabbage - Green each

Green Cabbage freshly picked from Rise and Shine Farm. Price per head

Corn - Popcorn

Popcorn from Beech Creek Farms in Bremen, GA. 2 ears per order

Greens - Collard 3/4#

Fresh Collard Greens Certified USDA Organic from our Georgia growers. 3/4 pound bunch

Kale - Tuscan 3/4#

Also called Lacinato or Dinosaur Kale, this is our favorite green for flavor! 3/4 pound bunch from Eastern Carolina Organics

Lettuce - Butterhead Hydroponic

Beautiful "blossoms" of Butterhead Lettuce from Eastern Carolina Organics. Price per head

Mixed Root Vegetables - Bulk 5#

A bulk order for the holidays enjoy a non-traditional side dish such as our favorite Roasted Roots, mashed roots or soup? Here you go! 5 lbs may include: potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, rutabagas, carrots. Photo by Member Naomi Joffe.

Mixed Root Vegetables 2#

Want a little of each for roasted roots, mixed mashed roots or soup? Here you go! Try them for one of our favorite recipes, Roasted Roots! Photo by Member Naomi Joffe.

Peppers - Sweet Bell each

Certified USDA Organic from our Florida farms, one large or two small Bell Peppers.

Radish - Daikon

From the farmers of Eastern Carolina Organics, order is about 1 pound.

Rutabagas 2#

Delicious ancient roots, Rutabagas are related to Cabbage and Turnips. Certified USDA Organic, 2 pounds from ECO
Certified USDA Organic from our friends at Eastern Carolina Organics. Purple Sweet Potatoes are as delicious as they are beautiful! 2 pounds
Sweet Potatoes Certified USDA Organic from Eastern Carolina Organics 2 pounds

Sweet Potatoes Bulk 5#

Bulk order of Sweet Potatoes Certified USDA Organic from Eastern Carolina Organics. 5 pounds

Swiss Chard 3/4#

Delicious and nutritious Swiss Chard is a mild flavored green. Certified USDA Organic from our Georgia farmers 3/4# bunch

Tomatoes - Red Slicers 1#

Red Slicing Tomatoes hothouse grown from Eastern Carolina Organics. 1 pound bag

Turnips - Purple Top topless 2#

Purple Top Turnips are great in soups, stews, roasted and baked. 2 pounds of topless Roots
This week's Veggie Dinner Package includes the main ingredients for our Farmhouse Veggie Plate with Mixed Greens, Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes, Salad and APples to bake for dessert. This delicious meal feeds 2-4 folks and we'll send the recipes!

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